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Andina and Rich: News

Winter News - November 29, 2010

It’s been quite a year, so far. We finally finished the new CD and it saw release in August. Since then every track on it has seen radio airplay, at least, once. Many of the songs have been played several times. The overwhelming favorites seem to be “Caffeine” and “Porchlight Blues”. Some music from our first CD has also been on the Folk DJ’s minds. Many of them will be playing “Season of Hope” and “Buddy, I’m Just Sick To Death of Christmas” as part of their Holiday programming this year.
The big news about the new CD is that it was in seven categories on the first round ballot for the Grammy Awards. That’s the round of voting which actually chooses the final nominations. Even if we don’t get nominated it’s thrilling to get that close. We’ll know for sure when they announce the official nominations on December 1st.
As always were slowing down the pace a bit. We will, of course, be staging our annual “Christmas Show For People Who Can’t Stand The Holidays (music of the Sacred, Secular, Cynical, and Silly)”. But, this year it won’t be in a public venue. We’ll be doing it as a house concert for a private party. Our good friends, the Gilberts, throw a Winter Solstice Party every 21st of December. Our show will be part of that this year. In January we’ll be at Grounds For Appeal Coffeehouse in Berwyn, IL. In February we will kick back into our normal touring schedule. We’ll begin with a house concert in Upper Sandusky, Ohio on Friday February 25th. From there we go to Pittsburgh, PA to open for Red Horse at the Carnegie Lecture Hall. After that we’ll be all over the map. Check our calendar for details. We have plans to tour in West Virginia, Upstate New York, Kansas, Missouri, and points west.
Don’t forget to check out out new CD, “Two Guitars, A Dulcimer and an Attitude”, on iTunes,, or go to our page at CD Baby buy the disc or download it. It makes a great stocking stuffer (especially if you know someone with oddly shaped feet).
More later.
Sandy and Steve

Summer News - August 3, 2010

It’s been an interesting summer, so far; full of touring, a new CD, knee surgery, and radio comedy.
Knee surgery? Yes, Sandy’s knee went wonky on her just after we came back from Hays, KS. She had the procedure done last week and is recovering swiftly. She is slowly beginning to brave stairways again. She’ll be fine by the time we get to our big event later this month.
BIG EVENT? Yes, we have finally done it! Our new CD, “Two Guitars, A Dulcimer, and an Attitude”, is ready to roll. We’ll be holding our Wisconsin CD Release Party on August 12th. Here’s all the info:
CD Release Party
Brink Lounge 701 E. Washington Madison, WI
Thursday August 12th
Showtime: 7:00pm
Cover: $10.00 (it includes a copy of the new CD)
If you bought a copy of the CD in advance, bring it with you. We’ll waive the cover. If you bought a copy of “Appetizers” (The sampler of six songs from the new CD), bring it with you. We’ll cut the cover in half.
We’ll have special guests Norm Siegel on bass, Julia McConahay on fiddle, and Nancy Rost on keyboards.
The CD is now available at CD You can get the CD itself or download it at .
For our friends in Chicago, Sandy is beating the bushes to find a venue for a Chicago area CD Release Party. We’ll tell you the details when we’ve got them nailed down.
Allright! Enough ad copy! News Time!
We’ve had one heck of a busy summer. We’ve been touring from Minocqua, WI to Hays, KS. Here’s some of the highlights:

Woolpy House in Minocqua, WI

We stood out on a dock singing to several tourboats full of people. It was great fun. Tara and Jerry, who run this occasional house concert series, were wonderful hosts and treated us like family. We thank them for their kindness and hospitality. We’ll post some pictures of it on the website soon (including pictures of Jerry passing the tip jar to the tourboats from a kayak).

The French Market in Lisle, IL.

This is an outdoor farmers’ market that happens every Saturday near the train station in downtown Lisle, IL. Somebody there had corn that was so sweet you could eat it raw. It was raining when we started and clear but very hot by the time we finished. We had a wonderful time anyway.

Café Semolino in Hays, KS.

Café Semolino is a lovely little place in, we happy to say, thriving downtown Hays, KS. Several of Stephen Lee’s relatives came up from Witchtah (and a couple all the way from Oklahoma) to see the show.
We’re looking forward to getting back out that way next Spring.

KOPN 89.5 FM in Columbia, MO.

We made a stop, on our way back north, to make some music on KOPN’s “Sunday Morning Coffeehouse” (9:00am-noon on KOPN) program. We talked, laughed with host, Steve Jerrett, and even did a live version of Stephen Lee’s weekly comedy show “Penguin Shoeshine Theater”.

“Penguin Shoeshine Theater” (PST)? That’s the new, weekly, three-minute comedy spot that Stephen Lee does every week as feature of “Sunday Morning Coffehouse” on KOPN 89.5 FM in Columbia, MO. PST comes on at about 10:00am. But, you just might want to listen to Steve Jerret’s whole show. He has great taste in music (we’re not just saying that because he plays us). The program can be heard each Sunday on line at You can hear one or two individual episodes anytime on Stephen Lee’s website at
One other thing. We’re planning a tour around the East Coast and places near it in late February and early March. We’ll be starting in Pittsburgh and going from there. We’ll post the details as we get them.
More later.

Be well.
Sandy Andina and Stephen Lee Rich

Independence Day - July 4, 2008

Here we are on July Fourth, 2008 setting off fireworks and taking a day off of work. Some will take the opportunity to take a small day-trip to somewhere. Some will touch base with family. Some will set up the barbecue grill and get some good food going. Some will work in their yards or gardens (my plan for the day). Some will just relax and zone out in front of the TV.

Whatever you decide to do with your day off, be safe and well, and remember why we celebrate this day. The United States of America, as we know it, exists because of the events of 4 July 1776 and the decade or so thereafter. It was an amazing and miraculous period of time in history (not just ours, but that of the world).

While a certain amount of reflection on that time is nice, we also need to look forward to see what we can do to live up to the legacy that has been left us and make a few miracles of our own.

Stephen Lee Rich

Last Friday's Non-Concert - June 8, 2008

On Friday June 6th MadFolk, in coordination with the staff at Governor Nelson State Park, had scheduled what was to have been the first of a summer’s worth of Folk concerts at the Beach Pavillion. The first act presented was to have been Andina and Rich. As you may know, due to the weather, the first show was canceled. Fourteen people showed up anyway. This is an open letter to the fourteen. As the back half of Andina and Rich I feel that you are owed an explaination.

At a little after 9:00am on the morning of June 6th I went on line to take a look at the radar to see what, if any, storms might be coming towards us. The Weather Channel had, on Thursday night, been predicting that the storm which ultimately got no farther north than Racine would be hitting Madison late Friday afternoon. As of 9:00am Friday morning the on line radar confirmed that. I called the park and talked to the park manager, Rene Lee. When she looked at her radar link she developed the same concerns – that being safety. Not just safety for people at the park, But for people traveling to and from the park. On Thursday night the Weather Channel had been saying that, amongst other things, there was a good deal of hail in that storm. Renee left it as my call. I decided, in the interest of safety, to cancel.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering why I started the ball rolling that early in the day. Why didn’t I just wait to see what else happened? The problem was that, while I live in Madison, my partner, Sandy Andina, lives in Chicago. I wanted to be able to head her off before she started driving up here for a concert that might not happen.

About 2:00 that afternoon Renee called me back with what she felt was good news. The wind had shifted and the storm system was no longer heading toward Madison. It had shifted south of us. The bad news was that the storm had just arrived in Chicago. Sandy didn’t dare try to leave Chicago in the middle of it. Even if she had made it out of that city, she would have hit the worst of it in either Belevedere or Racine (depending on which route she chose). Besides, at that point Madison was still getting 30mph wind gusts. I had had pictures in my head of the wind blowing over our mic stands ans speaker towers. I stood by the cancelation decision. By the time it was safe for Sandy to leave Chicago it was too late for her to get here on time.

Weeeellllll, have you ever made a decision that seemed like a really good idea at the time only to have the circumstances change and make a fool of you later? That’s what happened to me on this one. During the time that the concert was to have taken place (7-9pm) the weather here was absolutely GORGEOUS! I could almost hear the celestial giggling. The worst part of it is that fourtenn people actually showed up to hear some music. I must, most humbley, apologize to you for that. Note that this was MY decision. I take full responsibility for it. Please, do not blame MadFolk or Darlene Buhler. Neither MadFolk nor Darlene had anything to do with it. Darlene didn’t find out about it until after the decision had been made.

If you are one of the fourteen, both Sandy and I feel that we owe you an evening of music. As it happens, we will be playing at Wild Hog In The Woods Coffeehouse this coming Friday, June 13th. If you are one of the people who was disappointed at Governor Nelson State Park last Friday, Sandy and I will pay your cover charge for the Wild Hog show this coming Friday.
It’s the only way we can think of to make it up to you.
Wild Hog In The Woods is at the Wil-Mar Center 953 Jenifer St. in Madison. Showtime is 8:00pm. Just mention last Friday and you’ll be good to go.

With apologies,
Stephen Lee Rich

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