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Andina and Rich: Press

Sandy Andina and Stephen Lee Rich could be accused of swimming against the tide, as they create music that could be considered under produced and out of step with the time.

And, that is exactly why they work so well as a team.

Their roots are showing with some classically folk coloring and the type of humor that only comes with taking a few years to observe and appreciate the nature of our world.

This is what we often refer to as "attitude" (even by them) and theirs is, if not twisted, at least slightly bent. Decidedly smart aleck, they always maintain a family friendly show.

While each is entertaining on their own, their act as a duet contains the humor and joy that only comes from the synergy of performing with a fellow traveler.

Honored for their songwriting, laughed with when they perform, Andina and Rich are keeping the tradition of telling stories alive in their witty lyrics and tunes.